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Who We Are

The Visual Literacy Online Program is powered by the award winning faculty of The Illustration Academy and TAD (The Art Department). The Illustration Academy has taken a unique approach to training professional illustrators of today as well as those looking to become the professionals of tomorrow.

You will be hard pressed to find an online learning program with such a professional level of instruction. You will learn from The Illustration Academy artists such as Mark English, Gary Kelley, George Pratt, Sterling Hundley, C.F. Payne, Anita Kunz, Jon Foster, and many more.

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What Is It

The Visual Literacy Online Program is for both the serious student of any age and the professional artist. This program provides access to all of the Illustration Academy lessons taught by the world renowned illustrators and painters of today.

The program is about professionals training professionals, and professionals exposing the real innerworkings of picture making and ideation to students of all ages. It's about real-world training that makes you a better picture maker. This program will help you to develop your portfolio whether you are in school or a working professional. Whether you are just learning the basics of artistic endeavors, entering an Art and Design college, or pursuing a career as a professional, the Visual Literacy Program will help you to obtain scholarships or better clients as a working professional by making your portfolio the best it can be.

A community of illustrators is important to artists and illustrators. Picture making in the industry of illustration is best learned from artists and illustrators in the industry. Picture making from your peers can also be helpful, and helps make the online community a place to learn about illustration. Editorial illustration, as well as book, digital, computer, fashion, and magazine illustration is also a part of this community. Freelance illustrating is difficult enough, why not be a part of a community of artists and illustrators. Learn from the best in visual literacy program and be the best you can be. This website may be thought of as a type of illustration course, or illustration school onliine. Perhaps even an illustrator course or illustrator class is to help students in illustrator training or digital painting. Illustration is the true focus of the illustrator training inside this community of an illustration course here at The Visual Literacy Program.An illustration course or illustration school is not the design of this illustrator course as much as it is meant to help a illustrator training to become better at picture making. Digital painting is also utilized by some members of the Illustration Academy faculty in our online illustration course, or illustration school, as some people call it. Design is another aspect of The Visual Literacy Program, and The Illustration Academy. Digital painting goes hand in hand in this illustrator class and the illustrator training developed over th past 15 years. An illustration school? An illustration course? Illustrators and illustration training has been part of the Illustration Academy and The Visual Literacy Program since it began.Be a part of it! Illustration and picture making is best learned from illustrators in the industry, and your peers, plus learn from artists in the gallery side of illustration as well............

Visual Literacy Program